GrassTex Turf Review

GrassTex first started manufacturing artificial turf forty years ago in 1976. At that time the company was a pioneering force in the creation of a durable turf surface that was safe and technologically sound. Today, GrassTex is recognized as a world class producer of synthetic turf for use in both residential and commercial locations. Now more than ever the GrassTex synthetic turf products are stronger, have better backing materials, safer, more durable and natural in look and feel.

American Carpet Wholesalers of Georgia has a great selection of synthetic turf from GrassTex available in the online store. There are different types of natural grasses or turf so it’s natural for GrassTex to offer a wide range of synthetic turf types. From the Pine Isle or Big Cypress that could be great for a home or other residence that would benefit from a lawn that would always be green and never needs cutting, to the All Sports Turf or Perfect Putt products that are geared more specifically to use in commercial sporting venues or personal training facilities. Whatever the project the synthetic turf selection at ACWG will be able to deliver what is needed.


GrassTex is an innovator in sports facility turf

For the last thirty years GrassTex has been inventing, using and improving on the urethane backing that makes durable artificial turf possible. They still offer their “Hi-Tech” turf system but it has been improved upon by using a state of the art polyethylene fibrillated fibers that make play-ability better and a nylon thatch for better performance. They can customize turf with the capability to change the yarn, stitch and pile height to fit anywhere. Some lines also use a new polyurethane backing called Silverback. This new backing on select products ensures that the golf, football, baseball, and landscape artificial turf is the best by being the toughest, safest, and most versatile in its class!

“For the last thirty years GrassTex has been inventing, using and improving on the urethane backing that makes durable artificial turf possible.”


GrassTex produces turf for residential landscaping

From nationally recognized sports programs at Notre Dame or Ohio State University to personal putting greens, backyards of super low maintenance artificial turf to every application in between, GrassTex is the top choice for synthetic turf. American Carpet Wholesalers of Georgia has flooring and turf experts that can help you or your organization pull together everything needed to make your grounds or facility look amazing! Give the staff at ACWG a call to ensure the best product selection and pricing, call 800-548-2706 today!