Neptune Waterproof Flooring Review

Neptune Waterproof Flooring

Neptune Waterproof Flooring with rigid core is able to deliver an authentic hardwood look and feel without the maintenance. Each and every plank of Neptune waterproof flooring is a flawless plank of luxury vinyl flooring coated with a quartz urethane layer protectant. This protects against scuffs and scratches from heavy foot traffic. All flooring is made from 100% virgin material … Read More

Multilayer Flooring (MLF) – a New Standard in Flooring Innovation!

What do you get when you take the best attributes of each type of flooring and combine them with today’s technology? With Multilayer¬†Flooring, known as MLF flooring, you get the biggest advancement in flooring products in a century! Times are changing and flooring materials are changing to meet the increased requirements of today’s increasingly more demanding consumer. Performance, design and … Read More