WundaWeve Carpet Review

mohawk wundaweve carpet flooring

WundaWeve Carpet was obtained by Mohawk with the World Carpet acquisition in 1998. Today, WundaWeve carpet represents the premium in styling and soft surface product. And since they are known for being distinct, WundaWeve provides carpet for the upper end of the residential market for Mohawk. Therefore, WundaWeve Carpet combines color and texture in truly different ways. The WundaWeve Carpet … Read More

Godfrey Hirst Carpet Review

Godfrey Hirst carpet is a trusted name in high quality carpet and soft surface flooring. They are trusted because of the high quality wool that is the fiber of choice for their product in North America. Did you know that many of the top manufacturers of carpeting have the same thing in common? They all use wool, and Godfrey Hirst … Read More