DuChateau Hardwood Flooring Roundup

DuChateau Hardwood flooring

DuChateau believes that, “The connection between nature and the individual must be met with truly innovative design if we are to ever fully appreciate the similarity and difference of the two.” So, what does that mean to the consumer? It should mean that they can rely on DuChateau hardwood to not just deliver great flooring but also deliver an immersive … Read More

Triangulo Hardwood Engineered Flooring Review

Triangulo hardwood engineered floors

Triangulo Hardwood Engineered Floors. It’s a name and product that has been at the top levels of the hardwood market since 1972, and has striven to meet the hardwood flooring demands of consumers in the US and abroad. There is nothing complicated about Triangulo hardwoods. The flooring is beautiful if installed correctly and maintained correctly, plain and simple. This is a … Read More

DuChateau Heritage Timber Edition Review

duchateau heritage timber collection hardwood flooring review

The DuChateau Heritage Timber Edition floors are manufactured to replicate historical structures and the patina of well-worn and reclaimed materials. Wood flooring that beautifully replicates the characteristics of recycled woods with accurate distressing, scraping, notching, saw marks and nail holes from real salvaged woods. The Heritage Timber Edition is the perfect combination of old style architectural qualities with modern production … Read More