Triangulo Hardwood Engineered Flooring Review

Triangulo hardwood engineered floors

Triangulo Hardwood Engineered Floors. It’s a name and product that has been at the top levels of the hardwood market since 1972, and has striven to meet the hardwood flooring demands of consumers in the US and abroad. There is nothing complicated about Triangulo hardwoods. The flooring is beautiful if installed correctly and maintained correctly, plain and simple. This is a … Read More

Shaw Hardwood Flooring Review

shaw hardwood floor review

Shaw is, without a doubt, the largest, the most innovative and diverse flooring company today. To prove that point, Shaw Hardwood is a line made up of not just solid hardwoods, but great engineered floors too. And with the introduction of ScufResist Platinum in the EPIC line; Shaw has a hardwood flooring finish that has great looks but holds up 6x … Read More

Eternity LVT SG No VOC Underlayment Review

Eternity LVT SG No VOC Underlayment Review

Eternity LVT SG from Vinyl Trends is a truly superior underlayment. Underlayment? Who cares about what goes under the flooring? You and every other person who walks on a synthetic surface should. Why the big fuss over something you don’t see? Well, that’s just it you don’t see the toxins that can creep out of subflooring and into the air … Read More

Impervio Engineered Floors Waterproof Review

beaulieu impervio waterproof flooring

IMPERVIO engineered waterproof flooring (EWF) is a Beaulieau product. It is impervious to almost anything that could happen in your home. This innovative and pet-friendly product helps to provide peace of mind. It has a tough top layer that protects your great looking floors from scratches and everyday traffic. These easy-to-install and easy to maintain planks come with a lifetime … Read More

Lauzon Hardwood Pure Genius Floors Review

Lauzon Pure Genius Hardwood Floors Review

For 30 years Lauzon Hardwood floors have been a marriage of the artistry of finely crafted wood with the science of producing resilient, naturally comfortable and – equally important – comforting floors. Lauzon hardwood flooring is excited to introduce its Pure Genius® line of products that actively assists in purifying the air in your home. Pure Genius® Hardwood flooring is manufactured with … Read More

Mohawk SmartStrand Carpet Review

mohawk smartstrand review

Touted as soft carpet, Mohawk SmartStrand is also sustainable, durable, and stain proof carpet. A carpet that has been rated top in consumer ratings as far back as 2011 and was featured in Better Homes and Gardens magazine as part of the “innovation issue” for its plush softness and ability to resist stains. Mohawk SmartStrand was rated number one in … Read More

Stainmaster Essentials Carpet Soft Flooring Review

Stainmaster essentials stain resistant carpet collection review save 30-60%

So you’re thinking about purchasing carpet and have heard of the STAINMASTER carpet brand. You’ve also heard it could be pricey. Like a lot of carpet brands there are varying styles and costs for STAINMASTER.  STAINMASTER Essentials is the cost conscious carpet that offers the stain and soil resistance you expect from STAINMASTER. STAINMASTER Essentials carpet is MADE from STAINMASTER … Read More

Stainmaster Active Family Carpet Review

stainmaster active family review

So if you have looked at purchasing carpet you have heard of the STAINMASTER carpet brand. But did you know that there is more than one type of STAINMASTER? Different styles and designs means there is a difference in STAINMASTER Active Family carpet that goes past just the name. First off, STAINMASTER carpet is MADE from STAINMASTER fiber with Teflon protectant, … Read More

DesignTek Parador – 36 Inch Carpet Tile Review

designtek parador tile carpet tile cardona review

DesignTek Floor Systems has introduced a new Parador 36″ Modular Carpet Tile Style in Its two most popular patterns for both the commercial and residential markets. This larger size enables you to cover greater areas, more quickly, and even easier than ever before. This American Carpet Wholesalers Exclusive flooring product offers Institutions, offices, places of worship, schools and businesses a high tech, … Read More

DesignTek Parador 36″ Carpet Tile review

DesignTek carpet tile modular flooring products on sale

DesignTek Floor Systems recently introduced a 36 inch modular carpet tile in the Parador collection. We covered the look and style in our DesignTek Parador-36 Inch Carpet Tile Review article. Our article today discusses how the Parador 36 inch modular tile can and DOES make more sense for your flooring project. Think about the difference it would make for installation … Read More