IVC Flexitec Vinyl Flooring Review

IVC Flexitec vinyl has a great range of products available to suit just about any need in the home. From the workroom to the living room IVC Flexitec vinyl sheet has a design and style that meets the need for flooring. American Carpet Wholesalers of Georgia has a huge selection of IVC Flexitec available to view online.

IVC flexitec 7 O'Clock collection

The 7 O’Clock collection brings bright color with clean lines to any room

We are looking specifically at the Flexitec 7 O’Clock collection. This is a chic and fashionable collection that allows the homeowner to find inspiration in some bold and bright styles. Celebrating fashionable looks that simply sizzle, the 7 O’Clock style collection is designed to highlight what’s new while still recognizing the need for clean lines, flairs of the exotic, and great colors to choose from.

The Flexitec 7 O’Clock style collection has two levels of quality to meet your needs. The premiere featured items that come with a 15 year warranty and the essential featured items that come with a 10 year warranty. IVC manufactures the most resilient sheet vinyl floors and they stand behind them with some of the most comprehensive warranties available.

Flexitec 7 O’Clock style collection benefits from the great stain resistant qualities that all IVC sheet vinyl floors have. Accidents do happen but usually, if the spill is cleaned up immediately, you should be able to keep your vinyl flooring free of unwanted blemishes. It’s always a good idea to check you Care & Maintenance guide for tips.

When you have made your choice from the 7 O’Clock style collection or any of the IVC flooring choices available at American Carpet Wholesalers of Georgia’s web catalog, be sure to call them. The flooring experts at ACWG can not only guide you to making the best decision on adhesive, trim and other finishing items but they can also guarantee you the best price over the phone. The number to call is 800-548-2706.