Our History
American Carpet Wholesalers of Georgia, Inc. (our legal name) was first incorporated in July of 2000 as “Floors To Go of Dalton”. At that time we used the web address of www.carpet-wholesale.com 
and the tag line “American Carpet Wholesalers”. More often than not our customers referred to our company as “American Carpet Wholesalers”. As we gained more exposure the buying group “Floors To Go” asked us to change our name citing trademark infringement. Rather than risk a long and costly legal battle we decided to change and what better name than what customers were already calling us.

We started out as a small group coming from another company facing bankruptcy from the recession of 2001-2002 selling only carpet. Each salesperson had orders from their customers at the old company that were already paid and faced with losing their deposits to the bankruptcy. We made the decision early to fulfill those orders and pay some suppliers that were closely related to the new company. So we started business in the red about $100,000. But not one customer lost their money. Something that allowed us sleep pretty good.

Good deeds usually beget rewards. Within two months of opening, we landed a contract with the U S Government. A contract that at the time returned almost half of our deficit. A contract that we still service today and has repaid our efforts ten fold.

ACWG Today

Most of the original crew is still with the company. some have decided on different career paths and are pursuing those goals. Today our staff has grown to four times its original size. Our warehouse facilities have also grown from our original 2000 sq ft to our current 30,000 sq ft.

Over the years we have added many different products to our offerings other than carpet. We now offer luxury vinyl tile, pretty much all name brand laminates, hardwood flooring, carpet tile and stock well over $1,000,000 of these products. We can usually ship an order the same day. We have become the number one account for several suppliers and manufacturers enabling ACWG to offer some of the most competitive prices in our industry.

Our Philosophy

“Plain and Simple. Great Service, Great Prices, No Excuses”. We live by this motto everyday. This philosophy gets us more referrals and repeat customers than any other company I have been associated with over my 30+ year career. You can see some of our reviews from Google users here. There are hundreds more just like this but we elected to show only verifiable reviews from registered users.

Thanks for taking time to read about our company.

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