Armstrong Alterna Great Choice for Stone, Porcelain and Plank Flooring

Armstrong Alterna
Armstrong Alterna

While a number of homeowners want a stone or porcelain tile floor in their home, they don’t realize the upkeep is more than they bargained for. And speaking of bargains, those stone and porcelain tile floors don’t come cheap. Unlike these traditional flooring choices Armstrong Alterna doesn’t require any special sub flooring or sealing and is much more comfortable under foot in regards to being warmer and not as hard.

Thanks to improved technology Armstrong Alterna is a floor that recreates the natural look of stone or porcelain tile floor without the cold and hard feel underfoot. And the looks don’t stop with just stone or tile, the Armstrong Alterna product comes in varieties of ceramic, concrete and marble as well.

The Armstrong Alterna product at American Carpet Wholesalers of Georgia is a very durable floor. It is water, scratch, and stain repellant. And the stone version is crack resistant, making it a great choice for homes that have a chance at giving floors a real workout every day. And Alterna Plank is made with Diamond 10 technology. The durability doesn’t just apply to residential floors, the Armstrong Alterna product looks and performs terrifically in commercial businesses too! Residential installations have a lifetime limited warranty and commercial uses have a five year limited light commercial warranty – both against manufacturing defects.

Armstrong Alterna flooring has a great wear layer to help with sound absorption. Why should you care? With other flooring you can encounter an echo effect where sound bounces all around the room. So, if you have kids that get a little loud (who doesn’t , right?) or dogs that like to bark you will benefit from some sound control. 

Installation is relatively simple. Using only a few tools and some of the Armstrong Alterna adhesive you will be good to go. If you don’t feel confident, no worries, any flooring installer will be able to easily work with Armstrong Alterna. And since it is such an easy install the professional should be in and out in no time.

Armstrong Alterna
Alterna Grain Directions Mixed Size Kit Pattern

Armstrong Alterna is available in a variety of sizes at American Carpet Wholesalers of Georgia. Just as there are a number of collections and styles, there are many sizes of Armstrong Alterna. In order from smallest to largest you will find: 6”x36”, 8”x8”. 12”x12”, 16”x8”, 16”x16”, and 24”x12”.  Then there is the mixed size kit for Grain Directions and Historic District.

The styles of Rustic Isolation Plank make great flooring on their own OR mix them together for an entirely personalized floor unique to your home or office!

Armstrong Alterna plank choices have never been better! All the beauty of hardwood without the upkeep or fear of damage from surface water or accidental drops on to the face of the flooring. With the plank collections Established Goodness, Ideal Candidate, Miles of Trail, Rustic Isolation, and Time for Tea you are bound to find that style that is a perfect match for your room. These collections have a total of 15 different styles within them to choose from. The Rustic Isolation and Time for Tea would make for a terrific color variation pattern floor. Ask a ACWG flooring professional about how much to order when mixing colors/styles for your personalized mix.

With so many options for Armstrong Alterna available to you from it is a good idea to ask for some samples before you make the big decision. Most images found on the ACWG site are pretty accurate for color and detail but nothing beats the real thing. Please call one of the American Carpet Wholesalers flooring experts to request those samples of Armstrong Alterna. The number is 800-548-2706.

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