Shaw Floorigami Dynamic Vision and Style

Shaw Floorigami Dynamic Vision
Shaw Floorigami Dynamic Vision

Shaw Floorigami Dynamic Vision is a carpet flooring system that changes everything you thought you knew about getting the carpet you want in any space you want it. American Carpet Wholesalers is pleased to announce that this amazing product is now available both online and in store at the Dalton, GA showroom!

Let’s say you have a small space, like an apartment or just a room, and you could never justify the time and expense of having to purchase a roll of carpet, arrange for an installer (much less pay for an installer), find the time in your schedule to move the furniture out and then have to move it all back in. Whew, that is a lot of effort for just one room!

Well, Shaw Floorigami Dynamic Vision changes all of that. Shaw says that, Shaw Floorigami Dynamic Vision is a mindset, founded on the belief that design and flexibility can go hand in hand. And that a cozier, more comfortable room should be within everyone’s reach. Small space, apartment, rug or room—just clear it, sweep it, peel and stick. If you’re inspired today, you can feel the warmth of carpet beneath your bare feet tomorrow.”

You can create fantastic flooring using Shaw Floorigami Dynamic Vision pattern guides. Or begin with a blank canvas and get the carpet you’ve dreamed of. The collection of designs in Shaw Floorigami are such that they make spaces of all sizes brilliant. Your creativity drives the process and brings it all to life. It is about your vision for your space. Not ours. You can view the patterns that Shaw recommends here.

Shaw Flooragami at a glance:

Life Ready

You’ve never seen carpet this kid and pet-friendly. Shaw Floorigami Dynamic Vision is so easy to clean. Just remove, rinse in the sink and replace. And if you’re just over dealing with it, simply replace a ruined tile with a new one. Peel, stick, done.

Your Style

We changed the way carpet is installed, but we didn’t compromise style. So mix and match colors and experiment with patterns to your heart’s delight. It’s so easy to bring your vision to life with Floorigami.

Shaw Floorigami Dynamic Vision

Beyond Flexible

A peel-and-stick adhesive secures Shaw Floorigami Dynamic Vision in place, without harming the floors beneath it. And you can create a new look any time you like, just by rearranging the pattern or direction of your tiles.

DIY Friendly

Shaw Floorigami Dynamic Vision  may be new, but its DNA is from the carpet leader, Shaw Floors. So fear not. We focused just as much on keeping installation simple as we did on delivering the ultimate durability and softness. 

Shaw Floorigami Dynamic Vision

Everything you need to be a DIY rockstar is available at American Carpet Wholesalers with Shaw Floorigami Dynamic Vision! Available in 5 styles at ACWG, Cubicle, Ground Fog, Menswear, Houndstooth, and Spice Cookie. These all have the pre-applied, peel n stick LokWorx Plus strip for easy installation and come in 9”W x 36”L sections. The LokWorx Plus strips make not only for easy installation but, if the need should arise, they may it super simple to remove sections for cleaning or replacement.

The flooring experts at American Carpet Wholesalers are very excited about the Shaw Floorigami Dynamic Vision line and can help you make the best choice on a style for you! Call and talk to and ACWG team member today and order your FREE SAMPLE of Shaw Floorigami Dynamic Vision. That way you can see and feel the quality of the flooring and get a better idea of what color works best for your home, office or just a single room. American Carpet Wholesalers team of flooring experts can be reached at 800-548-2706.

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