Mohawk SmartStrand Carpet Review

mohawk smartstrand review

Touted as soft carpet, Mohawk SmartStrand is also sustainable, durable, and stain proof carpet. A carpet that has been rated top in consumer ratings as far back as 2011 and was featured in Better Homes and Gardens magazine as part of the “innovation issue” for its plush softness and ability to resist stains. Mohawk SmartStrand was rated number one in … Read More

Stainmaster Essentials Carpet Soft Flooring Review

Stainmaster essentials stain resistant carpet collection review save 30-60%

So you’re thinking about purchasing carpet and have heard of the STAINMASTER carpet brand. You’ve also heard it could be pricey. Like a lot of carpet brands there are varying styles and costs for STAINMASTER.  STAINMASTER Essentials is the cost conscious carpet that offers the stain and soil resistance you expect from STAINMASTER. STAINMASTER Essentials carpet is MADE from STAINMASTER … Read More

Stainmaster Active Family Carpet Review

stainmaster active family review

So if you have looked at purchasing carpet you have heard of the STAINMASTER carpet brand. But did you know that there is more than one type of STAINMASTER? Different styles and designs means there is a difference in STAINMASTER Active Family carpet that goes past just the name. First off, STAINMASTER carpet is MADE from STAINMASTER fiber with Teflon protectant, … Read More

DesignTek Parador – 36 Inch Carpet Tile Review

designtek parador tile carpet tile cardona review

DesignTek Floor Systems has introduced a new Parador 36″ Modular Carpet Tile Style in Its two most popular patterns for both the commercial and residential markets. This larger size enables you to cover greater areas, more quickly, and even easier than ever before. This American Carpet Wholesalers Exclusive flooring product offers Institutions, offices, places of worship, schools and businesses a high tech, … Read More

Stainmaster PetProtect Carpet Review

stainmaster petprotect pet friendly carpet

Stainmaster PetProtect carpet isn’t just a carpet with a stain resistant chemical on it. It is MADE OF the stain resistor, the SuperiaSD fiber that PetProtect is made from has inherent stain resistance. This fiber is also solution dyed with built in color that doesn’t fade. Stainmaster says you can even use hydrogen peroxide based cleaners with no problem when … Read More

Stainmaster TruSoft Carpet Review

Stainmaster TruSoft Carpet Review

When someone says Stainmaster TruSoft carpet do you even hear the “TruSoft” part of that name? Yes, Stainmaster has been known for it’s industry leading stain and soil resistant carpet but, as a consumer, you are selling yourself short on the brand and what it offers if that is all you feel Stainmaster is good for. The Stainmaster Trusoft carpet is a … Read More

STAINMASTER Carpet Styles Available at ACWG


Just about anyone who has looked at purchasing carpet has heard of the STAINMASTER carpet brand. And yes, just like there is a difference between styles of carpet, there is a difference in STAINMASTER® carpet that goes past just the name. First off, STAINMASTER carpet is MADE from STAINMASTER fiber with Teflon protectant, specifically nylon 6.6 fiber, and it is … Read More

WundaWeve Carpet Review

mohawk wundaweve carpet flooring

WundaWeve Carpet was obtained by Mohawk with the World Carpet acquisition in 1998. Today, WundaWeve carpet represents the premium in styling and soft surface product. And since they are known for being distinct, WundaWeve provides carpet for the upper end of the residential market for Mohawk. Therefore, WundaWeve Carpet combines color and texture in truly different ways. The WundaWeve Carpet … Read More

Horizon Carpet Review


Horizon Carpet was purchased in 1992. This enabled Mohawk to develop a value-oriented, competitively priced carpet line that competes with any carpet manufacturer. Horizon manufactures a wide selection of carpet. These styles begin with FHA base builder grade carpet to high-end designer styles. Horizon carpet is a high capacity production manufacturer. This allows Mohawk to lower their production costs and … Read More

Godfrey Hirst Carpet Review

Godfrey Hirst carpet is a trusted name in high quality carpet and soft surface flooring. They are trusted because of the high quality wool that is the fiber of choice for their product in North America. Did you know that many of the top manufacturers of carpeting have the same thing in common? They all use wool, and Godfrey Hirst … Read More