DesignTek Parador – 36 Inch Carpet Tile Review

designtek parador tile carpet tile cardona review

DesignTek carpet tile modular flooring productsDesignTek Floor Systems
has introduced a new Parador 36″ Modular Carpet Tile Style in Its two most popular patterns for both the commercial and residential markets. This larger size enables you to cover greater areas, more quickly, and even easier than ever before. This American Carpet Wholesalers Exclusive flooring product offers Institutions, offices, places of worship, schools and businesses a high tech, extremely durable, and easily replaceable flooring solution that is hard to beat at such incredible prices.

DesignTek Parador Mountain Stone carpet tile modular flooring

Parador Mountain Stone

Take a look at the Parador 36″ Cardona style Carpet Tile with its cool hues with tinges of blue, and soft greens that sooth and relax, or the Parador 36″ Mountain Stone Style Carpet Tile with its rich hearty browns and natural tan, intermingled with a touch of soft greys that give a crisp bold look to any decor, from rustic to professional, these patterns with make your next project stand out.

DesignTek Parador 36″ Modular Carpet Tile is a nylon fiber, 1st Quality flooring solution with a Lifetime Commercial Limited Warranty.

DesignTek Parador Cardona carpet tile modular flooring products save 30-60%

Parador Cardona

Its high-quality construction with multi-level pattern loops and eco-friendly backing, enables its long lasting stay in your home or office and can be applied over both concrete and wooden subfloors using pressure sensitive adhesive, perfect for high traffic areas where replacing tiles can be done simply and cleanly. DesignTek Floor Systems has a well established dedication to being the source for meeting the needs of homes and businesses that have a need for creative and durable, stain-fighting flooring.

American Carpet Wholesalers carries a wide selection of the latest Carpet Tile styles from DesignTek Floor Systems and Just like DesignTek Floor Systems, the staff at American Carpet Wholesalers offers you the best quality, value, and service in the industry.  If you have any questions and need answers quickly, give one of their flooring experts a call by calling and speaking with an ACWG associate you can guarantee a couple of things. First, you make sure that you get exactly what you need for your flooring project, from smaller DIY projects to the largest commercial projects. Second, you will get your best price from ACWG because when you call we can make you aware of any changes in pricing right away! Give us a call at 800-548-2706 today.

designtek parador 36 inch tile carpet tile mountain stone cardona styles review