Firmfit Luxury Vinyl A More Stable Plank

Firmfit luxury vinyl

With so many classifications and abbreviations in the flooring world, it can be tough to get clear information on “what is” a particular floor. Well, the Firmfit luxury vinyl product is very clear about how they manufacture their plank flooring.

Firmfit luxury vinyl flooring has a rigid core. The floor’s structure is close to LVT (which is made with PVC), however there are two main aspects that make FIRMFIT very different:

-The flooring’s core is mostly made of limestone, rather than PVC.

-Unlike LVT or WPC products, the Firmfit luxury vinyl core contains 0% plasticizers, which are chemical additives used during manufacturing to make the PVC softer and easier to handle.

The combination of the two makes Firmfit luxury vinyl extra rigid and unlike LVT, much more stable to temperature variations as well as sunlight.

Firmfit luxury vinyl flooring combines all of the pluses of other flooring solutions, including LVT, Laminate and WPC, but none of their minuses.


•Stable to high temperature variations and sunlight.

  • Limestone based rigid core – no telegraphing of small subfloor imperfections.
  • Installs over a large area without transition profiles
  • Highly resistant to impacts and heavy static loads.
  • Requires no acclimation prior to installation.
  • Versatile designs with embossed surface for real wood/stone look & feel.
  • DIY-friendly – the flooring comes with an easy-to-install click system and requires minimum subfloor preparations.
  • Affordable.
  • Pet-friendly – durable and stain resistant.
  • Sound absorbent.
  • 100% plasticiser-free core.
  • Low VOC emissions.
  • 100% recyclable.

Firmfit luxury vinyl wood flooring was developed to be “fit for when life happens”. And with life comes mess and accidents. And while most luxury vinyl flooring solutions available are not warranted for installations in rooms with large windows and a lot of sunlight, FIRMFIT is! Just imagine, you can now have the look and feel of hardwood plank in 3 season rooms, sunrooms, and any other room, even kitchens and basements.

American Carpet Wholesalers carries the Firmfit luxury vinyl plank flooring in the Firmfit Gold Collection made up of 9 beautiful styles like Seneca or Coffee.

ACWG also carries the Firmfit Platinum Collection with 9 subtle and refined choices ranging from the glowing warmth of Candor the the rustic hues of Fawn.

Be sure to contact a flooring expert from American Carpet Wholesalers. When you call be sure to do 3 things:

  1. Ask questions! They love to talk flooring and making sure that your choice matches your needs.
  2. Order samples – if you’re not sure this will really help narrow it down.
  3. Well, this is one that is already done for you – get the BEST price! ACWG is known for offering some tremendous savings and by calling you ensure that you are taken care of. Give them a call today at 800-548-2706.