Lexmark Carpet Review

Lexmark Carpets are a product of the top manufacturer of hospitality soft surface for the commercial segment. Lexmark Carpet is made in Dalton, GA and the company has been supplying carpet to mid and high end hotels nationwide since 1993. Lexmark utilizes fully integrated manufacturing facilities with state of the art equipment; within the commercial carpet sector, Lexmark is the largest producer of tufted broadloom carpet.

With Lexmark you have a number of carpet choices all of them are attractive yet practical and American Carpet Wholesalers has a great selection. The most popular dyed nylon colors are called Lextron and are solution dyed, then extruded, twisted and heat set in the Lexmark facility so that strict controls for quality are met and kept. Since the carpet fiber is solution dyed from the inside out, the colors are present through the entire fiber and not just the outside layer. This makes the Lexmark carpet much more resistant to fading and stains come up easier.

The Lexmark commitment to quality is evident in its warranty. The Lexmark carpet product is guaranteed not to wear more that 10% in ten years. As long as the carpet is installed indoors and is properly maintained the surface pile should not be worn abrasively by more than 10%. If it is, the worn area will be replaced at Lexmark’s expense. Some exclusions do apply so be sure to discuss that with your flooring supplier.

American Carpet Wholesaler’s has a team of flooring experts you can ask all the questions you have about Lexmark carpet. By calling and speaking with an ACWG associate you can guarantee a couple of things. First, you make sure that you get exactly what you need for your flooring project, from smaller DIY projects to large commercial projects. Second, you will get your best price from ACWG because when you call they can make you aware of any changes in pricing right away! Give them a call at 800-548-2706 today.