Lexmark Carpet Variety and Durability

lexmark carpet american carpet wholesalers

lexmark carpet american carpet wholesalersI recently had the pleasure of staying a night at a world class hotel in Chicago. When you work in the flooring industry it does dawn on you that the entire world we live in is resting (literally) on top of what is sold at American Carpet Wholesalers. All joking aside, the carpet in the hotel was so nice I had a hunch that it was Lexmark Carpet and when I checked for the pattern in ACWG’s online catalog, that’s what I found.

lexmark carpet american carpet wholesalers

Lexmark Carpet – Monarch

My room was wall to wall Lexmark Carpet Monarch. It is a great looking pattern with LexSoft Fibers made from 100% solution dyed PET fiber. Solution dyed fibers have filaments that are impregnated with pigment, so the colorfastness is outstanding. Since the carpet fiber is solution dyed from the inside out, the colors are present through the entire fiber and not just the outside layer and that makes stains easier to lift out.

If the Lexmark Carpet in a great hotel, with all of the foot traffic a hotel gets, can still look and feel this good underfoot – why not buy it for your home? Lexmark Carpet Monarch is available in nine (9!) varieties. The entire Lexmark Carpet line at American Carpet Wholesalers is comprised of 30 base styles and each of those has up to 24 variations in it! That is an amazing variety of choice.

lexmark carpet american carpet wholesalers

Lexmark Carpet – Luxe

Another personal favorite is Lexmark Carpet Luxe. It’s a simple pattern but it can be used in so many places. Great for a den or even a kid’s bedroom. The Lexmark carpets are all 12 foot widths and have a pattern match that varies for each style. Every Lexmark Carpet has a warranty against stains and pet stains for the life of the carpeting. Other items like soil, wear and defects depend on the carpet purchased. You can consult with the flooring experts at American Carpet Wholesalers to see what applies to the Lexmark Carpet you choose.

Working with the pros at American Carpet Wholesalers couldn’t be easier. Whether you want to give them a call at 800-548-2706 or walk into the Dalton, GA showroom, they will be happy to help you with pricing, samples and flooring project advice.

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