Mohawk Air.o Unified Soft Flooring Review

mohawk air.o

mohawk air.oThe luxurious feeling new Mohawk Air.o gives consumers a revolutionary alternative to traditional carpet and retailers an easy-to-install. Why is it a carpet alternative? Well, Mohawk introduced something new and innovative in the flooring market Mohawk Air.o a new and easier product called USF.

mohawk airo unified soft flooring carpet features


What is a USF? It stands for Unified Soft Flooring. Where traditional carpet requires a separate cushion; Air.o has an integrated premium felt pad that protects subfloors and softens each step.

Lays Flat – Stays flat!
Unlike traditional carpet, Air.o’s tension free construction effectively eliminates imperfections like buckling and wrinkling.

Hassle-free installation
Without the added hassle of carpet cushion or the need for nails and staples, your new Mohawk Air.o Mohawk Air.o soft flooring can be installed in half the time of traditional carpet.

Air.o’s fibers don’t absorb moisture, which helps prevent the growth of allergens and microbes. That’s nothing to sneeze at.

A misperception is that people with asthma and allergies should avoid carpet in the home. Actually, the opposite is true. Soft flooring like Mohawk Air.o, when properly cleaned and maintained, is the best choice for reducing symptoms. Air.o’s unique, unified construction provides better airflow, releasing more dust and dirt with each vacuum than carpet with traditional padding. Talk to your flooring expert at American Carpet Wholesalers for more information.

Air.o carpet fiber is created using advanced polymers. With no latex or harmful VOCs, your hypoallergenic carpet is safe and odor-free.When you choose a soft flooring option that’s hypoallergenic, easy to clean and free from traditional carpet chemicals, you’re choosing pure peace of mind.

Air.o’s fibers don’t absorb moisture, which helps prevent the growth of allergens and microbes. That’s nothing to sneeze at.

Mohawk Air.o is not just an improvement to an existing product line; it represents an entirely new category of soft floorcovering,” said Seth Arnold, senior director of brand, soft surface.”

100% Recyclable Flooring
When it comes to diverting waste from landfills, Air.o Unified Soft Flooring is changing the soft flooring industry. Unlike traditional carpet,  is engineered with just one material making it the only 100% recyclable carpet available. Air.o is the smart soft flooring choice for your home and the environment.


mohawk air.o

Mohawk Air.o at American Carpet Wholesalers

Air.o eliminates the “new carpet smell.” Treated with Mohawk’s Fresh Carpet Technology, Mohawk Air.o continually purifies the home by neutralizing odors. Also since moisture cannot be absorbed into the fiber, backing or cushion- it is a significant factor in reducing odor in the home.


There are so many colors available from Mohawk Air.o at American Carpet Wholesalers; you owe it to yourself to give the flooring experts at ACWG a call to get the best carpet style and price for your project. You can reach them at 800-548-2706 Monday- Friday from 8:30 am to 7 pm and Saturday from 9 am to 4 pm. Be sure to ask about FREE carpet samples!

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