QuickStep NatureTEK Plus Waterproof Laminate Flooring Best Choice

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quickstep naturetek plus waterproof laminateA recent customer wrote into ACWG. “If I chose my flooring over again, I would use QuickStep NatureTEK Plus waterproof laminate planks. That’s what I told my son when we looked at different flooring choices for his kitchen. Years ago, my wife and I went with what we thought was best (20 years ago), a stone floor for our kitchen. But it cost so much more and the look and design of laminate flooring have come so far that you can’t deny it’s a solid choice.”

QuickStep NatureTEK PLUS Colossia NatureTEK Plus Garner Oak (NatureTEK Plus) QSLMNTP-UC3924

QuickStep NatureTEK PLUS Colossia NatureTEK Plus Garner Oak (NatureTEK Plus) QSLMNTP-UC3924

He continued, “I have seen my fair share of spills and pet accidents on carpet, tile, hardwood and more. And seeing all of those ruined by the resulting stains, gouges, and cracks. This is, in my humble opinion, one of the finest waterproof flooring solutions that don’t involve stone or tile.”quickstep naturetek waterproof laminate envique

“We went to the showroom of American Carpet Wholesalers to look at different flooring types, since we were just up the road from Dalton, GA. We also spent time on their website and called in to speak to the flooring expert we met when we visited the store. The QuickStep NatureTEK Plus waterproof laminate product impressed us for several reasons.”

1. The flooring just looks great. There are several different collections of QuickStep NatureTEK Plus waterproof laminate. For reference, these are  ColossiaEnviqueLavishNatrona, and Styleo. We chose Lavish for its handcrafted hickory styling.

quickstep naturetek plus waterproof laminate uniclic 2. It doesn’t need any glue! Years back, that was another issue I had with using laminate. The glue was always a mess and honestly, I worried about how those chemicals in the glue could affect the air my kids and family would breathe in our home. QuickStep NatureTEK Plus waterproof laminate has what is called the Uniclic locking system. This patented tongue and groove lock system eliminates the need for adhesives and provides tight-locking joints to prevent any water damage, warping or gapping. It also helps with preventing height differences between planks. 

3. The finish doesn’t just stop at the edge. It rolls over the sides for some incredibly realistic planks. This is due to QuickStep’s patented Genuedge process.

quickstep naturetek plus waterproof laminate hydro seal4. IT’S WATERPROOF! Wood plank flooring, traditionally, is not waterproof. We all know that even hardwood will get damaged if the spill is not wiped up right away or if it is continually exposed to water. But with the Hydro-Seal Waterproof locking system, my son gets to enjoy a “hardwood” floor not only in his kitchen but – since the price was so good- we picked up more to finish out his master bath too.

5. The plank size. These are a good size plank measuring just a little over 6″ wide and just short of 48″ long. Makes installation manageable and waste was minimal. The width is nice as well, wider than most other laminate planks we found.

In conclusion, he states, “Don’t kid yourself – spills will happen. When they do you can have a QuickStep NatureTEK Plus waterproof laminate and be confident that it won’t be a problem. Or, you can install other flooring and unfortunately find yourself with stains, warping, bubbling, cracks or other issues as time goes by.”

Like I said, “If I were to choose my flooring over again…”, so get flooring that can cope and look great with QuickStep NatureTEK Plus waterproof laminate.

To learn more about the QuickStep NatureTEK Plus waterproof laminate available at American Carpet Wholesalers give them a call at 800-548-2706. American Carpet Wholesalers has a staff of flooring experts who will be able to discuss getting samples and you may find that the flooring your looking at is on special.

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