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somerset hardwood flooring

Somerset Hardwood Flooring American Carpet WholesalersAll Somerset hardwood flooring is manufactured in the United States. Somerset hardwood flooring is the product of a vertically integrated forest products company and Somerset is of the largest manufacturers of Appalachian lumber and hardwood flooring in the United States. They own and manage timberlands and are one of the largest lumber buyers in the region. By being vertically integrated, Somerset is able to manage the entire manufacturing process—from the forest to the floor—producing the finest quality products while making the best use of our natural resources. That’s an important aspect to why Somerset hardwood flooring is of such a high quality.

Somerset Classic Engineered Collection  hardwood flooring on Sale at American Carpet Wholesale at Huge Discounts- Save 30-60%Available at American Carpet Wholesalers, you can find Somerset hardwood flooring in their showroom at 2317 Chattanooga Road, Dalton, GA 30720 or in their online catalog here. The solid hardwood collections are Color Strip, Homestyle, High Gloss, Classic, Character, Specialty, and Color Plank.

Somerset hardwood flooring is made from extraordinary, beautiful, natural materials that are proven to add value to your home—both as a financial investment and from an enjoyment standpoint. There are things you should know and expect from real hardwood flooring:

Natural Color Changes: Just as your own skin “tans” with exposure to sunlight, wood flooring will undergo color changes with exposure to both artificial and natural light. Some color change may be dramatic—exotic species are especially prone to color change. Tiger Wood, for example, will become deeper and redder over time and with exposure to light. You should occasionally move area rugs and furniture that block light and may give the appearance of discoloration underneath.

Natural Movement: The wood in your Somerset hardwood flooring will expand and contract with seasonal moisture level changes. This may give the appearance of gaps or cracks in your floor—this is not a product defect. The wider the flooring, the more each individual piece will expand or contract with changes in moisture content. This movement can be minimized with the proper use of HVAC including humidity control.

Natural Characteristics: Naturally occurring wood characteristics such as mineral streaks, knots, variations in grain and color are part of every hardwood floor. These characteristics are what make each floor unique and certainly add to the charm of Somerset hardwood flooring.

Somerset hardwood flooring Specialty Solid Collection on Sale at American Carpet Wholesale at Huge Discounts- Save 30-60%You may have heard of the term Janka ratings. The Janka hardness rating represents the resistance of wood to wear, denting, and marring. The higher the number, the harder the species, and the more resistant to denting, marring, etc., however, all wood flooring, because it is a natural material, will wear, dent, or mar under various circumstances, and these ratings should only be used as a general guide for comparing various species of wood flooring.

Below are the relative Janka hardness rankings for wood species that are offered by Somerset hardwood flooring.
JANKA Hardness Rating*: (Measures resistance to indentation.)

Hickory 1820
Hard Maple 1450
White Oak 1360
Red Oak (Northern) 1290
Walnut (Black) 1010

Somerset hardwood flooring is made from extraordinary, beautiful, natural materials that are proven to add value to your home.

Hardwood flooring, unlike other types of floor coverings, can be kept looking new, regardless of wear, with a minimum amount of effort. To protect against damage, just follow some basic, common sense guidelines. If your floor happens to get damaged, don’t panic. One of the benefits of wood flooring is that because it is a natural flooring material, it can be repaired and/or refinished to look just like new.

1. Remember the wood and water don’t mix
2. Protect your floor with rugs and mats
3. Use the right cleaning and maintenance products
4. Use furniture protectors to avoid scratches
5. Protect from kitchen spills with rugs or mats made from cotton
6. Move area rugs regularly and use window coverings to protect against sun exposure

Somerset hardwood flooring  Hand Crafted Engineered on Sale at American Carpet Wholesale at Huge Discounts- Save 30-60%

Somerset hardwood flooring At-A-Glance:
THICKNESS: 3/4″ (nominal)
WIDTHS: 2-1/4″, 3-1/4″
LENGTHS: Random up to 6-1/2′
PROFILE: Eased Edge; Square End
FINISH: Ultimate UV-Cured Aluminum Oxide/Urethane
LIMITED WARRANTY: 50-Year Finish Wear; Lifetime Structural
RESIDENTIAL: 50-Year Finish Wear; Lifetime Structural
COMMERCIAL: 5-Year Finish Wear; Lifetime Structural

The Specialty plank has an additional 4″ width and a 5″ width in the maple and hickory varieties. The Color Plank collection also has a 4″ and 5″ width plank.

At American Carpet Wholesalers there are over 100 different choices of Somerset hardwood flooring from which you can choose. With different wood type, finish, and width, and hardness; it could take a while to work your way through to your final selection. An American Carpet Wholesalers flooring associate will be able to help you sort through what you need to order, or get you samples based on your project needs. Give the ACWG flooring experts a call today at  800-548-2706.

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