Waterproof Plank Coastal Living from GlobalGem

waterproof plank coastal living
Waterproof plank coastal living global gem

The GlobalGem waterproof plank Coastal Living collection has a variety of styles and color choices available both in store and online at
American Carpet Wholesalers . This plank flooring is renowned for its durability and its attention to being a healthy flooring choice to install in your home or office.

The Driftwood collection of GlobalGem’s waterproof plank Coastal Living line is one marked by natural and neutral tones with a weathered finish. Banded Olive is tonally grey with bands of darker color and Cocquina is a natural wood tone with weathering

The pattern and wood grain is similar across the 4 styles available in European Oak. Egmont Key is composed of warm brown tones marbled with deep and rich detail. Glistening Sand has that quality of a moonlit white sand beach at night with an almost silvery tint. Pearl Cove has planks that have a smokey quality mixing weathered grey tone into the overall charm of this style. Distant Shore is very much what you would want from a natural wood finish, light in color but interesting and appealing to the eye.

waterproof plank coastal living cockle american carpet wholesalers
GlobalGem Coastal Living Cockle

Hickory is the final collection of the waterproof plank Coastal Living line. Cockle is the variety available at ACWG and it is a very appealing and detailed plank, looking like it has had years to develop the patina and glow it gives off.

Waterproof Plank Coastal Living At A Glance:
Size 7 “x 48”
Size/Thickness 6.5mm Total Thickness (5.0mm RigidCore + 1.5mm IXPE + 0.5mm Wearlayer)
Wear Layer 20mil
IXPE pad attached 1.5 mm
Finish Ceramic Bead
Style Micro Bevel Edge
Embossed in Register
Construction Water proof RigidCore
Warranty Limited Lifetime Residential, 10 Year Light Commercial

Environmentally responsible flooring, like the waterproof plank Coastal Living, carry the FloorScore air quality cetification standard. In addition to this all products sold by Global GEM Flooring, Inc are Phase 2 CARB compliant as well as the Lacey Act mandates. The Lacey act bans the trade in illegally sourced wood products from around the globe and importation into the United States.

GlobalGem waterproof plank Coastal Living plank floors have a large selection of beautiful colors, shades, and textures to choose from at
American Carpet Wholesalers . You owe it to yourself to give them a call, you can save a lot of time from not having to look through each collection. Not only that, but you will be sure to get your best pricing when you call ACWG at 800-548-2706.

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