Mohawk Airo A New Concept in Soft Flooring

mohawk airo

Mohawk Airo is a new product in soft flooring that not only breaks the ideas of traditional manufacturing methodology but, more importantly, offers you, our customer, new features and benefits. This new technology is called Airo and to make the point, Mohawk doesn’t even call it carpet, but a unified soft floorcovering (USF), according to Tom Lape, president of Mohawk … Read More

Mohawk Air.o Unified Soft Flooring Review

mohawk air.o

The luxurious feeling new Mohawk Air.o gives consumers a revolutionary alternative to traditional carpet and retailers an easy-to-install. Why is it a carpet alternative? Well, Mohawk introduced something new and innovative in the flooring market Mohawk Air.o a new and easier product called USF. What is a USF? It stands for Unified Soft Flooring. Where traditional carpet requires a separate … Read More