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audacity flooring american carpet wholesalers“If you’re old enough you may remember when teachers would ask you to write a “theme”. Well, my theme is on why I love Armstrong Audacity flooring and the folks at American Carpet Wholesalers.” When an email from a customer starts off like that it makes us all smile at ACWG. This client goes on to say, “The Armstrong Audacity flooring that I found at American Carpet Wholesalers, was the thing for getting the look of hardwood floors in my basement.”

The client was from the Cincinnati area and he has had issues with traditional wood flooring. “No buckling and I can even wet mop it, which comes in very handy with two dogs. Accidents happen but I don’t really have to worry about spills or even scratches. It’s pretty tough stuff!” Of course, not even Audacity flooring is scratch proof but it does have a residential lifetime limited warranty and a 72 hour water block.

Back in Cincinnati, the installation was, “Easy. It just clicks together, just made double sure my cuts were correct and tight and I didn’t have to use glue, which I have done in the past and some may like it but to me, it’s a mess and smells pretty bad too.” Audacity flooring is also safer in regards to air quality, is easy to install in homes and is a FloorScore certified product. Formaldehyde is a naturally occurring substance not only in all wood, formed by elements found in our environments like carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen but also at low levels, usually less than 0.03 parts per million (ppm), in both outdoor and indoor air. While formaldehyde is naturally occurring, high levels can be harmful to humans.

With its rigid core and a convenient tap down click system, Audacity flooring is easy and fast to install, and thanks to floor’s rigidity, it only requires a minimum subfloor preparation.

audacity flooring cross sectionAudacity uses the Tight Lock system for a floating floor install. The edges of this system have five times the contact points of a standard laminate plank, helping to seal out moisture. Also, “the planks were solid, you could feel that there was something different about these planks.” He is referring to the construction of Armstrong Audacity flooring and its high-density extra stable core. It features a thick (total thickness is 12mm) rigid core, which means no more telegraphing of subfloor imperfections.

Our customer goes on to say that, “I have installed this in my basement, so we’re talking about 1400 square feet of flooring and it looks great! Much better than the laminate we had before which had this terrible to look at transition strip in it.” The Audacity flooring can actually be installed in rooms up to 4000 square feet with no fear of pattern repeat (that’s 300% more than traditional laminate flooring). With its rigid core and a convenient tap down click system, Audacity flooring is easy and fast to install, and thanks to floor’s rigidity, it only requires a minimum subfloor preparation (subfloor should be leveled to 3/16” / 5mm within a 10ft / 3m span). A do-it-yourselfer can click together a living room size floor in about a day, and start enjoying it immediately.

This client chose Audacity flooring from the Lodge collection. There are a total of four collections (Classic NaturalsHearthsideVintage, and Lodge.) that make up 11 styles/colors with a wide range of finishes. American Carpet Wholesalers is proud to display these both online in their web catalog and in the Dalton, GA showroom.

Audacity by Armstrong Classic Naturals

Audacity flooring by Armstrong Hearthside

Audacity by Armstrong Hearthside

Audacity flooring by Armstrong Lodge

Audacity by Armstrong Lodge

Audacity flooring by Armstrong Vintage

Audacity by Armstrong

“LeAnda at American Carpet was a great help to me. She was very patient with answering my questions and I didn’t feel like I was being sold anything, just helped me make a really great choice. I found them online and wasn’t sure about calling but I am glad I did, got a friendly person who knew a lot more about floors than me!” When you call American Carpet Wholesalers about Audacity flooring or any flooring you get a flooring expert that is looking out for your best experience in the flooring you buy and the price you pay. Give them a call today at 800-548-2706.

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