Anderson Tuftex Hardwood Flooring’s Individual and Intentional Designs

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anderson tuftex american carpet wholesalersLooking for your floor? You know you have envisioned a room that looks fabulous! If that room includes hardwood then Anderson Tuftex hardwood flooring can match what you have in mind. Anderson Tuftex hardwood floors have been designed with intention and crafted with care.

What does that mean? It means that the Anderson company has taken to heart your expectations for what you consider timeless and exceptional. And instead of rolling out a myriad of options, they have put together a simple collection of hardwoods that match the canvas of our lives, down to every knot and embellishment. Every style has its own timeless, purposeful design elements. You can find these great hardwood plank floors at American Carpet Wholesalers, both online and at their retail store in Dalton, Georgia.

There’s also an ever-expanding desire for designing curated homes that are unique to each individual or family and are full of intentional design elements that speak to our originality. The Anderson Tuftex hardwood flooring collections make that possible.

anderson tuftex american driftwood

Anderson Tuftex American Driftwood

Of the 27 available collections, there is some very individual styling. If you enjoy weathered and time-worn soft tones then look to American Driftwood, Coastal Art or Mystique. Authentic replication of hand-painted, stained and sanded flooring, Mystique is thoughtfully designed so no two planks are the same, each perfectly suitable for feature walls as well as flooring. Select from coastal looks, distinctive color and weathered charm to provide visual moments of reflection in the home.

anderson tuftex trilogy

Anderson Tuftex Trilogy

Reclaimed wood is very popular and Factory, Old World, and Trilogy would make a great addition to your home or office decor. Earthy and decadent these evoke an old-world appeal. Wider and longer formats are ideal for open floorplans. Create added richness to any floor or wall by staggering planks or installing Old World Herringbone.

Looking for something more sophisticated? Casitablanca 5 and Churchill Maple will definitely satisfy.

anderson tuftext casitablanca mixed

Anderson Tuftext Casitablanca Mixed


And finally, for the comfort crowd, there is something to be said for the warm tones you get from Casitablanca Mixed, or the Vintage Hickory, Maple and Walnut.



Of course, that’s not all 27 styles (and those have additional color styles within them) but follow my links to view the Anderson Tuftex hardwood flooring at ACWG online.

Some of the Anderson Tuftex planks are solid hardwood and others are engineered hardwood plank. Widths will vary from 5″ to just under 6.5″ depending on the style you choose and lengths vary. All come with a 50 year limited warranty.

That’s a lot to go over! Once you get an idea of what styles you like, give one of their flooring experts a call. You may have questions about installation since these floors have a number of options from glue to nail to float. They can also get you the samples you need to make a decision and ensure that you get the best price for your budget. ACWG is always looking for the best deals for you and when you call you to get the best up-to-date costs.

Give the flooring experts a call today at  800-548-2706.

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