Anderson Tuftex Hardwood Flooring’s Individual and Intentional Designs

anderson tuftex american carpet wholesalers

Looking for your floor? You know you have envisioned a room that looks fabulous! If that room includes hardwood then Anderson Tuftex hardwood flooring can match what you have in mind. Anderson Tuftex hardwood floors have been designed with intention and crafted with care. What does that mean? It means that the Anderson company has taken to heart your expectations for … Read More

Johnson Hardwood Reservoir Series Review

Johnson Hardwood Reservoir Series American Carpet Wholesalers

Johnson Hardwood Reservoir Series is a selection of top quality hardwood flooring sold in the United States and Canada. Johnson produces highly desirable flooring options by sourcing durable hardwood species from around the globe. With products that are recognized for their affordability and superior quality. At American Carpet Wholesalers Johnson Hardwood is found in the Reservoir Series. Johnson Hardwood Reservoir … Read More

Novalis NovaCore Waterproof Multilayer Flooring Review

novalis novacore waterproof luxury vinyl plank

Novalis Innovative Flooring has introduced a new collection of Multilayer Flooring called NovaCore. Novalis HPC is engineered from bottom to top to be a really incredible floor and not like any floor you’ve seen in traditional luxury vinyl flooring. This is not traditional luxury vinyl flooring that is flexible and utilizes licensed technology from Unilin and USFloors to making a very … Read More

QuickStep NatureTEK Plus Waterproof Laminate Flooring Review

quickstep naturetek plus

QuickStep NatureTEK Plus waterproof flooring system is a new generation of laminate wood construction. Featuring a terrific waterproof locking system and impenetrable surface coating, NatureTEK Plus provides top quality protection from everyday spills, pet messes, and wet mopping, it truly makes maintenance a breeze. This waterproof laminate flooring is available at American Carpet Wholesalers in the Colossia, Envique, Lavish, Natrona, … Read More

QuickStep NatureTEK Laminate Flooring Review

quickstep naturetek

NatureTEK’s wear layer overlay resists wear, scratches, stains, burns and household chemicals. The protective finish makes our flooring more resistant to micro-scratches than other Wood brands and keeps your floor looking like new. QuickStep NatureTEK offers some of the longest and widest planks in the industry—up to 90” in length and 9” in width—resulting in more authentic and striking hardwood looks. … Read More