Armstrong Audacity Flooring A Floor Worth Writing About

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“If you’re old enough you may remember when teachers would ask you to write a “theme”. Well, my theme is on why I love Armstrong Audacity flooring and the folks at American Carpet Wholesalers.” When an email from a customer starts off like that it makes us all smile at ACWG. This client goes on to say, “The Armstrong Audacity … Read More

Global GEM Waterproof Luxury Vinyl European Oaks and More

global gem waterproof luxury vinyl

Global GEM waterproof luxury vinyl flooring is a great choice for waterproof plank flooring available from American Carpet Wholesalers. The collections can be found both in their online catalog and at the retail store in Dalton, Georgia. Meant for use in residential homes or light commercial applications, Global GEM waterproof luxury vinyl flooring has a lifetime warranty against wear when … Read More

Johnson Hardwood Reservoir Series Review

Johnson Hardwood Reservoir Series American Carpet Wholesalers

Johnson Hardwood Reservoir Series is a selection of top quality hardwood flooring sold in the United States and Canada. Johnson produces highly desirable flooring options by sourcing durable hardwood species from around the globe. With products that are recognized for their affordability and superior quality. At American Carpet Wholesalers Johnson Hardwood is found in the Reservoir Series. Johnson Hardwood Reservoir … Read More

Project Flor Elite Plank and Tile Flooring Review

Project Flor Elite American Carpet Wholesalers

Project Flor Elite by Adore is an even more durable version of the ever popular Project Flor tile and plank flooring product. The regular Project Flor tiles and planks are designed to meet the demands of really high traffic areas such as multi-family residences, student housing, hospitality, tenant improvements, senior homes and apartment spaces, where cost-effective aesthetic designs that are … Read More

Adore Project Flor Plank and Tile Review

Adore Project Flor American Carpet Wholesalers

Adore Project Flor by Adore is designed to meet the demands of really high traffic areas such as multi-family residences, student housing, hospitality, tenant improvements, senior homes and apartment spaces, where cost-effective aesthetic designs that are resistant to the abuse of high traffic are ideal. Available at American Carpet Wholesalers, Project Flor by Adore comes in 7 mil planks and … Read More

Adore Naturelle Plank and Tile

Adore Naturelle

Adore Naturelle is a premium vinyl flooring plank or tile line and in either form, it is designed and made for busy homes or workplaces. The great looking flooring and advanced construction technologies that went into its manufacture come together creating surfaces that not only enrich the decor but also stand the test of time and traffic. Adore Naturelle is … Read More

Armstrong Audacity Water Resistant Flooring Information

Armstrong Audacity is a line of water-resistant laminate flooring from Armstrong that is super durable and super easy to clean and maintain. Armstrong Audacity has the latest designs and delightful embossed-in-register surface for a real wood texture and feel. Audacity, found at American Carpet Wholesalers, is the solution to moisture, which is the largest problem facing natural wood flooring. It … Read More

Congoleum Impact Smartlock Waterproof Flooring Review

congoleum impact waterproof flooring

Congoleum Impact Smartlock waterproof flooring offers practical and elegant wood plank look in four designer style collections that take waterproof plank to new heights. The one-of-a-kind colors and selection of textures you can select make for a solid basis for looks in your home or business. Plus, it is formaldehyde-free and phthalate-free. So, it is a safe product that is … Read More

Everything You Need to Know About Hardwood Floors

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Hardwood floors are one of the most durable and popular flooring choices because of their timeless beauty. They don’t just look great, but who doesn’t love sliding across a polished hardwood floor in their socks like a certain movie star? Hardwood floors can be what makes a house into your home. Thinking about installing hardwood floors in your own home? … Read More

Harris Cork WPC Plank Multilayer Flooring Review

Waterproof multilayer cork flooring? Not the typical flooring choice, or at least not the first thing that comes to mind when you think “new floor”. Maybe it should be. At American Carpet Wholesalers of Georgia the Harris Cork WPC flooring is more than just great looking flooring – it’s flooring that utilizes a unique multilayered engineered construction. Giving this cork … Read More