Shaw Repel Laminate Floors Water Resistant with Great Looks

shaw repel laminate floors

There has been a huge number of water resistant and waterproof flooring products introduced in the last two years. With every major manufacturer of flooring introducing at least one or more products into this category you can see how it has become “flooded” with choices for the consumer. At Floortalk, and with our partners a American Carpet Wholesalers, we like … Read More

Johnson Hardwood Reservoir Series Review

Johnson Hardwood Reservoir Series American Carpet Wholesalers

Johnson Hardwood Reservoir Series is a selection of top quality hardwood flooring sold in the United States and Canada. Johnson produces highly desirable flooring options by sourcing durable hardwood species from around the globe. With products that are recognized for their affordability and superior quality. At American Carpet Wholesalers Johnson Hardwood is found in the Reservoir Series. Johnson Hardwood Reservoir … Read More

Armstrong Audacity Water Resistant Flooring Information

Armstrong Audacity is a line of water-resistant laminate flooring from Armstrong that is super durable and super easy to clean and maintain. Armstrong Audacity has the latest designs and delightful embossed-in-register surface for a real wood texture and feel. Audacity, found at American Carpet Wholesalers, is the solution to moisture, which is the largest problem facing natural wood flooring. It … Read More

Shaw Repel Kitchen Remodel

Shaw Repel Kitchen Remodel

About 4 years ago, my wife and I promised ourselves new flooring in the kitchen when our last one moved out and we would be empty-nesters. We had originally thought about a move over to tile or stone floors. But both of those are: Expensive for quality or for good looks. And to find both in a single flooring choice? … Read More