Armstrong Audacity Water Resistant Flooring Information

Armstrong AudacityArmstrong Audacity is a line of water-resistant laminate flooring from Armstrong that is super durable and super easy to clean and maintain. Armstrong Audacity has the latest designs and delightful embossed-in-register surface for a real wood texture and feel.

Audacity, found at American Carpet Wholesalers, is the solution to moisture, which is the largest problem facing natural wood flooring. It is flooring that is able to

Armstrong Audacity

Audacity by Armstrong Classic Naturals Homestead Brown AUDLAM-ACL5011204001

withstand spills and pet accidents and keep the Armstrong Audacity laminate looking great! Along with being water-resistant Audacity is also extra stain, scratch, and impact resistant. Audacity laminate floors have an extra stain resistant layer AND can be wet mopped.

Armstrong Audacity has the looks of real wood with even more durability due to the water-resistant nature of luxury vinyl. This makes for great looking and durable floor with click installs that:
-Resists household spills
-Can be wet mopped for ease of maintenance
-Can be installed in bathrooms, kitchens and laundry rooms
-Can be installed over 300% larger areas than traditional laminate floors without unsightly transition strips – Up to 4000 ft!

Typically, resilient and vinyl flooring have certain advantages to normal laminate, such as its waterproofness, but with Armstrong Audacity it is no longer relevant, as Audacity floors can now also be wet-mopped, installed in moist areas and resist household spills. Apart from the above, Audacity also solves the issues related to standard vinyl products:
–Audacity flooring is resistant to high-temperature variations, e.g. in sunny rooms or rooms with large windows;
–Audacity flooring is extra resistant to stains, e.g. spilled coffee or wine;
–Extra resistant to scratches and wear, e.g. from your pet’s untrimmed claws;
–Features a thick (total thickness is 12mm), rigid core – which means no more telegraphing of small subfloor’s imperfections;
–Deep synchronized surface for a more natural and authentic wood look & feel.

The Armstrong Audacity line of water-resistant flooring at American Carpet Wholesalers is made up of 4 separate collections. The Classic Naturals with Antarctic, Charleston Gray, Homestead Brown, Mountain Gray, and Oslo.

Product Classic Naturals
Manufacturer ARMSTRONG
Color Name/Item Homestead Brown
Thickness 12mm (0.47″)
Width 7.72 Inches
Length 47.75 Inches
Install Type Floating / Glue-less
Surface Type Embossed in Register
Backing 2mm / 0.07″ Sound Absorbing Pad
Stain Treat.
Construction Water Resistant Laminate Flooring
Edge Type Painted Bevels
72 Hour Water Block
Edge Sealer protecting core against moisture and humidity
Tight Lock Click System: 5X the contact points vs standard laminate, helping to seal out moisture.
High-Density Extra Stable Core.

Armstrong Audacity collections include
Classic NaturalsHearthside, Vintage, and Lodge. These make up an additional 11 styles/colors with a wide range of finishes available.

Audacity Flooring by Armstrong - Classic Naturals

Audacity Flooring by Armstrong – Classic Naturals

Audacity flooring by Armstrong - Hearthside

Audacity flooring by Armstrong – Hearthside

Audacity Flooring by Armstrong - Lodge

Audacity Flooring by Armstrong – Lodge

Audacity Flooring by Armstrong - Classic Naturals

Audacity Flooring by Armstrong – Classic Naturals

How is Armstrong Audacity constructed?
1. The first component is the wear resistance layer. While a standard CE laminate is usually provided with an AC3 wear rating, not compatible with a commercial use, Audacity comes with an AC4 highly resistant, commercial rating. This means you don’t have to worry about high foot traffic or your kids & pets having fun in the house. However, you should keep in mind that no floor covering is impervious to damage;

2. The second layer is a decorative paper. This layer provides the beautiful and unique look that will compliment your interior;

3. The third component is Audacity’s high density, extra stable and 100% natural core, made of wood fibers. The floor’s core is protected against moisture with a special, factory-applied coating;

4. The fourth layer is the balancing layer – this moisture-resistant backing layer guarantees a perfectly balanced board that will not cup or bow when properly installed and maintained;

5. The fifth later is a pre-attached 2mm pad, providing additional comfort and sound absorption. This also means you don’t need an additional underlay.

Armstrong Audacity is also safer in regards to air quality, is easy to install in homes and is a FloorScore certified product. Formaldehyde is a naturally occurring substance not only in all wood, formed by elements found in our environments like carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen but also at low levels, usually less than 0.03 parts per million (ppm), in both outdoor and indoor air. While formaldehyde is naturally occurring, high levels can be harmful to humans.

All Armstrong Audacity floors are subjected to rigorous tests that are designed to ensure that all products abide by the highest standards and do not harm indoor air quality. This makes our floors safe for you and your loved ones.

Armstrong Audacity has taken steps to obtain certification of its claims by a third party, the FloorScore. It is an industry-independent organization that aims to protect human health by enhancing indoor air quality and reducing people’s exposure to pollutants by certifying products for extremely low chemical emissions.


Armstrong Audacity

Armstrong Audacity Pet-Friendly Laminate Flooring Collection features at ACWG at Huge Discounts

With its rigid core and a convenient tap down click system, Audacity flooring is easy and fast to install, and thanks to floor’s rigidity, it only requires a minimum subfloor preparation (subfloor should be leveled to 3/16” / 5mm within a 10ft / 3m span). A do-it-yourselfer can click together a living room size floor in about a day, and start enjoying it immediately.


To learn more about the Armstrong Audacity laminate Flooring available at American Carpet Wholesalers give us a call at 800-548-2706. Our flooring experts will be able to explain the full benefits of this water-resistant laminate plank floor. Plus, when you call we can ensure the best deals for your project.

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