Best Waterproof Flooring Selection

waterproof flooring

Our friends at American Carpet Wholesalers have a number of options for your home when it comes to waterproof flooring. And just so you know, it’s not just vinyl flooring that is waterproof these days. Although LVT is one of the top choices for waterproof flooring the catalog at American Carpet Wholesalers also has carpet and laminate flooring choices in … Read More

Adura Max Apex Waterproof Plank Flooring Information

Adura Max Apex Waterproof Plank American Carpet Wholesalers

ADURA Max APEX waterproof plank flooring is a terrific step up in luxury vinyl plank flooring. Completely changing the game when it comes to your options in flooring. Why? Because not only is it up with the latest trends in flooring, has a great selection of colors, comes in both long and wide planks, with embossing and painted bevels IT … Read More

Neptune Waterproof Flooring Review

Neptune Waterproof Flooring

Neptune Waterproof Flooring with rigid core is able to deliver an authentic hardwood look and feel without the maintenance. Each and every plank of Neptune waterproof flooring is a flawless plank of luxury vinyl flooring coated with a quartz urethane layer protectant. This protects against scuffs and scratches from heavy foot traffic. All flooring is made from 100% virgin material … Read More

Harris Cork WPC Plank Multilayer Flooring Review

Waterproof multilayer cork flooring? Not the typical flooring choice, or at least not the first thing that comes to mind when you think “new floor”. Maybe it should be. At American Carpet Wholesalers of Georgia the Harris Cork WPC flooring is more than just great looking flooring – it’s flooring that utilizes a unique multilayered engineered construction. Giving this cork … Read More

Adura Max Apex Waterproof Flooring Review

adura max apex american carpet wholesalers of georgia

ADURA Max APEX is beautiful flooring with high styling and is worry free! In step with current flooring trends, great colors, fashionable long and wide planks, varied width planks, details like embossing and painted bevels make the ADURA Max APEX a waterproof vinyl floor that is absolutely amazing. Add to this the waterproof core and sound dampening construction that you’ve … Read More